oPanel & WoM Features

oPanel Features

File Manager

File and code manager, edit, remove, backup, download, upload, rename, copy, move, list, chmod, size info, compress, uncompress..

E-Mail Manager

E-mail create, quota, manager, redirect, webmail, SPF, DKIM, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, SMTP route vs.

SSL Manager

Free or Custom SSL upload, manage, download, CSR/Key/CRT/CA import/esport manager.

Domain Manager

Park, Addon, SunDomain Add/set/del manager. PHP version and domain directory settings.

Sub User Manager

oPanel and FTP acconts, create sub acconts, oPanel access permissions, FTP home directory settings.

Full API Access

Any oPanel features api services manager, api key and ip address permissions. API developer document and simple codes.

WoM Features

Apache Manager

Apache user custom settings, limits, log format/backup/filter manager.


Free full otomation OpenLiteSpeed installer, service manager, Apache/LiteSpeed Switch settings and port select options.

Installatron APP

500+ CMS APP install templete script. Click to install all CMS Apps. WordPress, Opencart, Joomla vs. 500+ Apps...


Ability to import all sites by connecting to different hosting control panels.

Account Manager

Create, list, edit, remove accond managers. Bulk account edit. Account suspend and bandwidths list.

Service Manager

Web, Database, Mail, FTP services edit, manager, status/start/stop and configration managers.